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How To Measure

It is important to have a certified fitter measure you to make sure you are getting a proper fit.  If you are purchasing online, or cannot find a fitter in your area, we are giving you some basic guidelines to measure and apply your measurements to the chart below.  This will help you choose the correct size bra or swimsuit.


First, you will measure for your band size:   First measure from the middle of your chest, where your bra band sits, to the center of your spine.  Double this measurement to get your band size.


If you have a unilateral mastectomy take this measurement for the cup size:  Measure from the center of your chest, but this time over the fullest part of the remaining breast, to the center of your spine.  Double this figure to get the over the bust measurement.



Band size is 14.5 inches  X 2 = 29 inches  Band size is 29 inches

Cup measurement is 17 1/2 inches (over the bust)  X 2 = 35 inches


Bra size for the example above would be 34B


Swimsuit Example:

Choose swimsuit sizes according to your dress size.  Suits are also offered in cup sizes, such as A/B  C/D