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From The Outside Looking In

Eileen Smith, Breast Care Consultant

I have only recently begun the journey of working with breast cancer survivors as a fitting consultant with Pink Ribbon Boutique. I hope you will follow my journey as I learn, grow, and draw strength from the amazing world of breast cancer survivorship!

Pink Ribbon Boutique owner, Theresa Hadley, approached me

10 + years ago when I worked as a Provider Contracting Specialist for one of the leading health insurance organizations in Delaware, to secure a contract as a durable medical equipment provider/supplier. We found mutual respect in one another, and I admired Theresa’s dedication to her business, borne out of her own experiences as a breast cancer survivor. Many years later, in July of 2017 our paths crossed again, when I stopped in to say hello after dropping my pooches off next door at my dog groomer’s shop. As a retiree, I sought part time work, but more importantly, struggled with finding purpose and fulfillment.

The fulfillment I sought actually found me.

And so, my journey begins. I am not a breast cancer survivor, and I have only recently learned of two family members who have been stricken with breast cancer. But those I have met as a fitting consultant with Pink Ribbon Boutique have provided me with deep gratitude, a stronger sense of appreciation, and great humility. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to assist these wonderful women in feeling more confident and beautiful.

I hope you will visit my blog, where I hope to bring a different perspective "from the outside looking in". I will learn from you, and I hope we will find comfort - and even a bit of humor - together through this journey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eileen Smith

Fitting Consultant

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